Hey One Zo fans! πŸ‘‹

The team here at One Zo wants to give a big heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us since opening! We will be closing down this week, 15th August 2019.

Thankyou for making it such a great experience.

What makes One Zo bubble tea special?
It’s our delicious, handmade tapioca pearls!

We handcraft our premium, subtly-flavoured boba right here in Melbourne. From kneading the pure tapioca dough, to infusing each pearl with raw juices, handmade caramel and plenty more unique combinations, you can taste the difference!

Before One Zo joined the game, bubble tea shops across the world served only one type of pearl - the mass-produced honey black boba. We wanted to do more - why not offer interesting flavour combinations, made fresh? We broke the mould with our passion for the perfect pearl, and became the first bubble tea brand to make fresh pearls in-store.

Now we serve our delicious pearls with high-quality teas and premium ingredients at One Zo stores across the world. We have stores throughout East and South-East Asia, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!


Pink Pearls

Flavoured with the juice of freshly squeezed beetroots


Matcha Pearls

Flavoured with high-quality matcha powder


Purple Pearls

Flavoured with the juice of fresh blackcurrants


White Jade Pearl

With the subtle flavour of pure tapoica powder


Caramel Pearls

Flavoured with handmade caramel syrup


Buckwheat Pearl

With natural flakes of raw buckwheat seeds



Range of freshly brewed loose leaf teas from Taiwan

Milk Tea

Secret blend of milk powders, activated by freshly brewed tea


Yakult-blended drinks with distinct yoghurt flavour


Fresh and tangy lemon juice blended with our teas



Made with sweet Taiwanese winter melon


Our fragrant teas blended with fresh dairy or soy milk


Made with range of fresh juices and raw fruit pieces


Flavoured with rich natural longan honey from Taiwan